6 reasons why you should move to cardboard pallets:

+ Cardboard pallets are sustainable, recyclable and eco-friendly

All our cardboard pallets and bins are made from a mix of sustainable forest and recycled cardboard and are 100% recyclable. When you have finished with them, you conveniently pop them in your recycling skip. Cardboard pallets also have a salvage value with paper mills and can be turned back into paper again. Plus, all glues are water-based and non-toxic.

+ Safer for food rooms

Wooden pallets are constructed using nails and timber. Both nails and timber splinters are hazardous to humans and packaging, especially packaging containing food products. Cardboard presents no such hazard. In many instances, wood can’t be used for organic products. Wet or untreated wood becomes a habitat for mould and insects, and can’t be used in ‘food rooms’. Generally, paperboard is not a suitable habitat for sustaining life. This makes paperboard more suitable for use in cleanrooms.

+ Safer for border crossings

Cardboard is ideal for crossing borders. To comply with ISPM15, for a wooden pallet to cross an international border, it must be heat treated or fumigated to prevent the spread of disease and insects. But cardboard does not and is not on the nominated no-go list. This also eliminates the need to fill out time-consuming ISPM paperwork.

+ Light, yet incredibly strong.

Cardboard pallets are extremely strong. The fluting of material in corrugated cardboard gives it surprising strength. Honeycomb takes strength to another level. Both corrugated cardboard and honeycomb have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than timber, yet are incredibly light by comparison. doubleEco’s strongest pallet has been engineer-tested to failure and can hold up to a whopping 23 tonnes!

+ Easier to use

Compared to wooden pallets, doubleEco cardboard pallets are incredibly light – around 5kg each. This immediately has several benefits. They are easy to handle and can be carried by one person. A forklift doesn’t need to be summoned to lift a new pallet up or down. Personal injury threat in handling is less; lighter pallets reduce lifting injuries.

+ Flexibility of design

Different countries require pallets that are different dimensions. This can easily be accommodated for with cardboard, which can be simply cut to size. Cardboard is also a versatile material to work with. If you need a custom-designed pallet or bin to accommodate your goods, we can design and manufacture to suit your needs.