Economic Benefits:

+ Competitive price, cost efficient

  • Price is competitive with wood pallets, with additional cost benefits

+ No hidden costs

  • No extra admin for certification or hire pallets
  • Reduced risk of product damage
  • Reduced risk of personal injury
  • No repairs, sorting or pallet pick-ups
  • No hire account loses
  • No hire costs
  • No border fumigation costs or penalties

+ Easy disposal

  • 100% Fully recyclable
  • No costs or penalties as with wood pallets

+ Always new, clean, dry and sanitary – every time!

  • Better presentation
  • No moisture uptake into product as can happen with wet or green wood pallets
  • No pallet repairs or sorting
  • No infestation from outside storage

+ Lightweight: up to 50% lighter than the weight of a timber pallet

  • Significant airfreight savings
  • Easily carried by one person
  • Reduced risk of personal injury
  • Reduced forklift and factory operating costs