Introducing DoubleEco: leading the move away from wooden pallets

DoubleEco is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of cardboard pallets and stackable heavy-duty bins.

For more than 10 years we have been working with New Zealand producers and exporters, helping them move to a greener, safer, more affordable alternative to wooden and plastic pallets.



We wanted a better way…

At DoubleEco, we were driven by a need to come up with a better ecological alternative to wooden pallets. Cardboard pallets were the answer: environmentally, sustainable, recyclable paperboard was a sound idea… and it fitted with our values.

Today, when an order is ready, and the truck is loaded, there is pride in the accomplishment and of a job well done. Whether it’s NZ-made plastic mouldings on their way to Australia or high-grade lactose powder going to Indonesia for asthmatics, the DoubleEco team are inspired, knowing – working closely with our clients – we are part of something important.


Making a difference to the environment… and to NZ exporting

There is also a feeling that is increasingly important for us: that DoubleEco is making a difference to the environment and to the future of NZ exporting.

We believe, when you choose DoubleEco recyclable cardboard pallets, you’re making the smarter choice for your exports… and for the planet.