Physical Benefits:

+ Lightweight: up to 50% lighter than a timber pallet

  • Easily carried by one person
  • Reduced risk of personal injury
  • Reduced forklift use and cost
  • Improved factory efficiency
  • Significant airfreight savings

+ Low moisture content (no rust or mould!)

  • More product-friendly (especially electronics)
  • Less risk of product damage from moisture absorption
  • Less risk of degradation to metal products, cans and electronic components

+ Custom-design to suit your product’s requirements. You choose…

  • Any size
  • Any strength requirement
  • Any height
  • Supplied ready-to-use

+ Four-way or two-way entry provided as required

  • Optimum freight footprint

+ Continuously smooth surfaces (top and bottom)

  • Gap-free surface provides maximum support for products and load-bearing carton walls
  • No product damage from broken slats, splinters or nails
  • Reduced personal injury in handling and in retail situations
  • Will not scratch floors

+ Ideal for indoor and aisle displays

  • No injury from broken slates, splinters or nails
  • More ‘shopper-friendly’ if bumped
  • Will not scratch floors

+ Shock absorbent

  • Ideal for glass, computers and electronic equipment

+ 100% all-paper construction

  • Can be used in food prep environments (i.e. meat or fish processing plants)
  • Can be compacted (and recycled) with all other used corrugated products