Ecological Benefits:

+ Made from part-recycled, part virgin paper sourced from renewable plantation forests

  • Minimised environmental impact
  • Welcomed into the recycling pool
  • Avoids using valuable timber that could be used elsewhere

+ Minimised carbon footprint

  • Ideal for export
  • Ideal for one-way freight applications

+ 100% fully recyclable

  • Can be compacted with all other used corrugated products
  • Can be used in Clean Room environments (i.e. meat or fish processing plants)

+ Harbours no forestry pests

  • No fumigation needed
  • No importer resistance
  • No more offshore forestry contamination

+ Internationally accepted (resistance to timber imports are increasing; many landfills ban timber disposal or impose special levies)

  • Does not need fumigation to cross international borders
  • Does not need evidence of ISPM15 timber treatment certification
  • Welcomed into the recycling pool
  • FDA-approved